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Since our launch in 2004, Star Heart and Faith Hope Dreams have focused on a few core values:

  • Unity and Celebrating our Diversity
  • Empowerment
  • Supporting US Manufacturers
  • Giving Back
It’s these guiding stars that define our unique style and every decision we make. 
With every Star Heart Collections experience, you can expect stylish, quality pieces that will make you look good, feel good, and help us do good.
Lynn’s mission: Unite people through creative design, inspirational messages, and a socially conscious business model.
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"Dream Big, Love Bigger, Go For Your Dreams, Help Someone Else Along the Way and Enjoy the Journey"

Lynn Bryant Sings

About Lynn Bryant

Lynn lives her life keeping true to her philosophy on life: “Help Others Along the Way”.

Altruistic, driven and giving leader… those are just a few of the words we use to describe our founder, Lynn Bryant.

Recording artist, songwriter, television/film ideator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist – Lynn Bryant is a true leader. Lynn has earned national recognition for her singing and songwriting work and has pitched music and film ideas to major studios.

After Charlie Fox asked Lynn to re-record his hit single, Killing Me Softly, he also wrote two other songs for Lynn and one of them was inspired by her foundation.

Lynn has worked with grammy award-winning engineers, artists and music professionals like Charlie Fox, John Guess, Jimmy Griffin, Judy Rodman, Larry Holden, John Ford Coley, Arnie Roman and Tanya Leah.

She has also designed timeless clutches for Nina McLemore, a fashion designer who has dressed some of the world’s most powerful women. Lynn was honored to be asked to design handbags to accompany her clothing for a charity benefit fashion show.

Whether she is writing, recording or designing for the Star Heart and Faith Hope Dreams brands, she is always looking for ways to be inclusive, celebrate our differences, and empower others.

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“Everything I do, whether it’s designing, writing or giving back, stems from my life’s mission to make a positive impact on the world.

I believe that true strength is kindness, the wisdom to know when to take a stand, when to be vulnerable and the courage to allow yourself to go there. 

When you wear our brands, you’re silently sharing words of empowerment, strength and encouragement with others. And that’s a powerful thing.”


help others along the way

“Dream Big, Love Bigger and Help Someone Else Along the Way”

After the 1999 Columbine school shooting, Lynn knew that she could use her resources, time and talents to give back by creating after-school programs that support enhanced learning in a loving and nurturing environment for children. It was then that she founded the Nancy Ferro Learning for Life Foundation to support education and strong personal foundations in the lives of children.

This charitable organization provides after-school educational programs and tutoring to elementary school children, including music education and anti-bullying lessons. The goal has always been simple: to help children build strong personal foundations that enable them to thrive and grow far beyond the classroom.

After a community was left without power for weeks following a tornado and Covid-19 shut down the schools, Lynn felt that an after-school environment for these students was more important than ever. It was then that the Nancy Ferro Learning for Life Foundation made their final donation to a non-public, inner-city school in Nashville, Tennessee. This elementary school is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment for their students while the children focus on learning and intra-personal development.

Lynn’s Foundation is compensating teachers from the school to teach the programs while also providing bully prevention materials, musical equipment, music education and academic tutoring to help enhance the students’ learning three days a week after school. The programs will begin when students return to school in 2020/2021 and have been funded for 4 years.

Lynn Bryant of Star Heart Collection with Nashville Students
Lynn Bryant Helping Children Through Song
Lynn Bryant Faith Hope Dreams

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